Orgreenic Reviews: Extraordinary Frying Pan 12”.

As the name  Orgreenic reviews suggests, this is a review site. You will find in depth and unbiased reviews of many of the different pans and pots.

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I must confess that I have become greatly interested in cooking since I’ve started my family, but I only own one frying pan. I checked out a lot of reviews on which pan to buy best; and one of the standouts were Orgreenic pans. Of course, I couldn’t trust these Orgreenic reviews solely, so I made my own investigation. Eventually, I bought one Orgreenic frying pan, which is the 12” size.

I’m not a cook nor am I an expert in the kitchen, but when you already have a family to feed, you just can’t afford not to learn to cook. When I started cooking, I only had one sorry excuse of a pan that did all entire cooking job. My biggest dilemma in the kitchen back then was when I cooked something that is not supposed to stick, but it gets stuck in the pan anyway. Then, there’s the cleaning part where I have to muster all my strength to scrape off all the food that got stuck in the pan. I know you can relate to these situations because it’s definitely a total nightmare! So, I want to purchase the best frying pan to get over this fiasco!

With these issues in mind, I decided that it was  the best time to buy a large frying  pan that could accommodate all my cooking needs. My requirements were simple; the pan should be non-stick, it should be easy to clean, and it should be of high quality. I set out to find that pan and eventually I came across the cookware products of Orgreenic.

I’ve read numerous reviews, and I eventually bought one frying pan from Orgreenic itself, I mean the producers, and I had some bad moments with the customer service. For this reason I went to amazon for the other cookware I then bought.panORGREE

The size that I chose was the 12” sized pan because I feel that it will best serve my purpose among the many cookware sets they have. If I find this specific Orgreenic frying pan the best non stick frying pan, I might eventually add a few more pans  and pots to my kitchen to make sure that I will have a better cooking experience in the future.

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First things first, though. I know you are also dying to buy a new pan, but you haven’t decided whether this one is right for you, whether all the fuss about them is just to allure you or it’s based on facts…

Well then, let me give you an honest-to-goodness Orgreenic review based on the pan that I bought from them.

Here are the pros and cons


-Some minor trouble during my first use – now this setback was basically caused by my forgetfulness. In my haste to try out my frying pan, I overlooked the seasoning instructions, did my own version of the seasoning, and because of that, when I first used my pan to cook some egg omelets, some eggs got stuck in my large frying pan. The good thing was that I finally had the sense to follow the rinsing instructions, and the food stains were easily removed. Whew… That was such a relief! So, I suggest you follow directions.

-Some minor shipping issues – Although not entirely related to the product, I had some problems with the delay of the shipping of my frying pan. This happened because of the shipping details, which confused the customer agent; hence the delay. And, I was not treated properly from the customer care of TELEBRANDS, which is why I got my other pans from amazon.


-It’s a high quality frying pan – how do I know that it is? Aside from the reassurances that I received when I ordered the product, I can see that it actually is made of high quality materials. For one, the ceramic coating that is made of organic materials doesn’t come off easily contrary to the one previous pan I had when the coating easily came off after a few cooking sessions. Even the bottom part of my Orgreenic pan is still in great condition after many months of usage. This is more than what I expected for the price I paid for, which, for the sole pan, is around $20.

-It’s multipurpose – although my primary expectation for this cooking pan was just for frying the basics, it turned out that I was getting the best value for my money and my Orgreenic frying pan is turning out to be the best non stick cookware I have in my cooking arsenal. You see, I have also tried all sorts of cooking in this pan, and it didn’ t disappoint. Aside from frying, I also use my Orgreenic pan for sautéing, braising, steaming, and boiling meat and vegetables, and the results are still amazing. Right now, I’m perfectly happy with the way I cook my meals, and my family is always looking forward to every meal time.


-It’s actually a non-stick frying pan! – all too often, I’ve fallen victim to so-called “non-stick frying pans”, which actually draws food like crazy, sticking eggs, fish, sausages, and even pancakes no matter how I preseason my pan to avoid this from happening. The Orgreenic pan I had was a welcome alternative to my other frying pan. It’s the best frying pan I had so far! There was this one time when I had to cook a couple of sunny side ups for my two boys, but I forgot to put in some butter into the pan, me being forgetful sometimes can be disastrous, but I was totally surprised when only very small portions of the eggs stuck into the pan. I was even more surprised when I washed my Orgreenic, and everything came off easily!

-It’s scratch free and durable – I’m not an expert cook, so I tend to become a bit brash on my cooking. Sometimes I forget to use the appropriate spatula and, at times, I even use a metal fork to flip foods, especially if I’m frying chicken. But, I’m glad to check after every wash that the pan is in mint condition. I’ve been using my pan everyday for almost three months already, and I’m happy to say that it still is in pristine condition. That’s what I call durable.

-It is affordable – this last pro is indeed an added bonus considering all the benefits I get from my frying pan. It’s easy on the pocket without sacrificing quality.

Overall, I still feel that my Orgreenic 12” frying pan is the best cookware I’ve purchased so far.


There are many Orgreenic reviews that say they are not satisfied with their frying pan, but if you ask me, I am really happy with mine. I’ve proven that it is perfectly a good buy! If you don’t trust me, see some videos around, where you’ll se that things simply don’t stick on them even without using any sort of grease.

Hope you enjoyed,


Extraordinary Orgreenic Cookware Set to Whip Up Gourmet Dishes…

Let me tell you a secret, I’m not much of a cook if I don’t have my Orgreenic cookware set to help me whip up the best dishes for my family and even for my friends and colleagues. I’m not going to say that this is my first cookware set in my entire life, because I’ve previously purchased some cookware sets before. However, I really felt the big difference once I got my hands on the Orgreenic set.

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Let me set the records straight, this Orgreenic review is based solely in my experience on the product, and I’m sorry if there are some people who are disappointed with their Orgreenic set, but I am fairly satisfied with mine. The Orgreenic set I have includes the best pots and pans from the company.  It’s a 16-piece set that includes some of the bestselling non-stick pans featured by Orgreenic.

I ordered my Orgreenic set online when I saw the infomercials, but of course, I didn’t just made the order right away. I conducted my own research about the product, and while there were some negative pieces of feedback about the set, I was also encouraged by all the positive reviews. What really made up my mind was a previous product I bought from Orgreenic. You see, I already owned the large frying pan, and I must say that I’ve never had any major problems with it. So, I went ahead and made the purchase!

I couldn’t wait to try out my new cookware set, and I was happy to try everything out, from the steamer to the saucepan. Since I already have the bigger frying pan, I tried out the grill pan first. This is especially useful when I can’t grill outdoors, and my husband wants to eat tender, juicy steak.

I had to season all my pots and pans from Orgreenic before I could use them. After I did that preliminary step, I was ready to grill my steaks. The greatest thing I noticed about grilling on this pan is that everything cooks evenly. And true to its word, not a single piece of the meat stuck to the pan. And that’s that!


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The smaller frying pan, which is 10”, is the best frying pan to help if you’re making omelets, sunny side ups, and even pancakes. What I discovered about this frying pan is that I don’t need to spray some oil on the pan’s surface just to cook what I want. Although there are small particles that stick to the pan after cooking, just a simple rinse with soap and warm water does the trick!

With the two kinds of saucepan that come with the whole set, it’s as easy as ABC to whip up the best sauces for different meals. Actually, I can turn a simple meal into a gourmet dish with the help of these saucepans because I can create sauces that I got from the web. It’s just amazing what I can do with these saucepans.

I’ve become a sort of a kitchen whiz with the help of my Orgreenic cooking ware. And while other people are having a difficult time with their kitchen sets, I don’t have any problem at all with mine. There are a few nicks and scratches at the bottom of some of my pans, but it’s because I use it often and robustly when I’m cooking, and that’s pretty understandable for me. All in all, my Orgreenic cookware set is the best!

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Hope you enjoyed,


WearEver Cookware Set: The best Cookware Set?

When looking for the best cookware set, what are your criteria? You may be an experienced cook or you are just starting to get a feel for cooking like me, but there are things that you should always consider when you buy a new cookware set.

As usual, this is an unbiased review,


For someone like me who has just discovered the love for cooking, it takes a bit of careful study and web research to find something that’s really suits my need. I don’t plan to whip up 5-star restaurant dishes, I just want to provide a decent meal for my family.

I came upon the WearEver non-stick ceramic coating, dishwasher safe cookware set as the top of the list of the best pots and pans in the web today. But then, I want to know more about this cookware set, so I gathered some information from review sites, checked out the product in different e-commerce websites, and thoroughly researched the product. Eventually, I couldn’t stand the suspense of having a new cookware set anymore, and so I went ahead and bought the WearEver set. Six months after I purchased the set, I never had any regrets in my decision. Now it’s a burden to decide whether using these pans or the orgreenic ones.

Let me tell you about my experience with WearEver, which majority of users find this product just as satisfactory. In my case, I went all out and bought the 15 piece cookware set. The set includes different sizes of frying pans, a covered frying pan, different sizes of sauce pans, including ones with cover, and other assorted cookware. I bought all the set because I did the experience with the orgreenic cookware, in which I went on buying piece after piece, and spent much more.


So far, these are the best pots and pans I have because I can now cook whatever I want however way I want it. I can cook perfect omelets and even come up with praiseworthy gourmet meals for my family thanks to my WearEver set.  Even cooking rice in the pots with cover is a great delight because there are no spillovers. The cover includes steam holes which allow the steam to go out of the pot. This is the best cookware to use too for searing pork, beef, or even poultry. Since it’s a non-stick brand, I can even cook popcorn without oil, sunny side ups without oil, and even fluffy pancakes with no oil. It’s an all-purpose cooking set that allows me to cook meals effortlessly!

While most of the customer reviews I’ve read of other non stick cookware sets in the market today complain about how non-stick isn’t really non-stick at all, I was mighty impressed with my WearEver cookware set. So far, I haven’t encountered any sticky food problems in all of my pots and pans. Cleaning it is effortless and even the red paint at the bottom of the cookware doesn’t paint or nick. It’s like almost six months, and still my WearEver pots and pans look the same. The handles are still as sturdy as ever and I’ve had no issues with its quality.

In conclusion to this WearEver review, I can simply say that my satisfaction has been guaranteed with my purchase and although this is only my opinion, WearEver is the best cookware set there is at its price range!